Welcome to SustainablyU

Welcome to SustainablyU

Often times I get asked the question “How did you get started on your journey to sustainability?”. Truth is, I’m not really sure. I have always been; what some may call a flower child and have always considered myself to be a caretaker of the Earth so, I guess you can say it started when I was a child!

As an adult I noticed I (my household) was producing a LARGE amount of waste. I knew we could do better so I took a look at where we created the most waste and like most families, it stemmed from food and kitchen waste. Bags and boxes from processed foods, left-overs that never got consumed. Month by month we slowly began finding less wasteful ways to show up in the world by being more mindful and intentional.

Sometimes, our busy schedules make it challenging to cook whole foods on a regular basis… That, or we live in communities where food apartheid is sadly common place. Since my revelation of how wasteful we had become, I decided it was time to shift into a more simple way of living and to consume much like my indigenous ancestors did; only using what we need and making the most of what we already have.

I know many of you may be wondering what regenerating my life has to do with the newsletter you signed up for; but if you indulge me for a bit, I think you may discover that sustainability is a spiritual practice. There’s something divine and healing about reconnecting and being a good steward over the planet. 

Whether you signed up for my healing boutique (Hara Healing), my candle line (Black Mermaid), or you’re here to learn more about vermicomposting and gardening (Princess Gardens), I think you’ll find the information beneficial to what it is you are seeking. If you decide that this is no longer the right community for you I totally understand.

In the space I am bringing all of my passions together and present to you sustainablyU; a space for regenerating the way you live. I will be offering the same great products and services that will help you grow, heal, and align with the most sample ways of living. 

If you wish to focus more in one area than another; please check out my blog where you will find articles created for specific areas such as gardening and vermicomposting, how to heal, or DIY’s and creating more sustainability in your life. You can also check us out on social media!

That’s all for now! I look forward to exploring and growing on this journey with you all! 

Peace, light + love,
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