Sustainability is a Spiritual Practice

Sustainability is a Spiritual Practice

There comes a certain type of shaking that comes with the desire to remove yourself from the consumerist frame of mind. As you begin to be become more mindful of the planet and our environment; you begin to become more mindful of you… but in a new way!
You will begin to see how connected we all are; you as a human, are no more important than the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, nor the worm in the ground. We all have equal importance in this space and time.

You will begin to understand that the objective is to live as harmonious with other beings as possible. Living sustainably will cause you to regenerate your life from the inside out. You will shift mind, body and spirit, and before you know it, your outer world will be a beautiful reflection of this shift.
The way you shop will be different.

The way you eat will be different.

The way you interact with others will be different.
You will speak gently; encouraging the light, love, and grace within to ooze from everyone you encounter.
This journey will challenge you to your core, calling forward your truest, most simple nature. It is within this space that you will discover true sustainability in all aspects of your life.  I hope you will embark on this journey with me. And as you explore, keep in mind that is a practice. A process that will ebb and flow like the seasons. It is your practice to build and create what works best for YOU so get creative and enjoy!!

Here are some things I am doing to regenerate my lifestyle and make it more sustainable.

- I only purchase what I need (most of the time lol).

- I have been spending much more time in nature.

- I only purchase clothing that is made of natural fibers so that when it is worn out I can add it to my compost pile.

- I vermicompost to reduce our food waste.

- I make a lot of what we eat to cut down on plastics and so that our food is as fresh and unprocessed as possible.

- I have been spending more time journaling out in nature.

- I shop only the outer parts of the store. This is usually fresh produce and items that come in less packaging.

My prayer for is all is that; as you become sustainablyU, you will find new ways to regenerate your life not just for the sake of nature but for the betterment of you.

Remember... Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!


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