Let's Regenerate Our Lives

Let's Regenerate Our Lives

Regenerate; as an adjective, is defined as being reformed or reborn, especially in a spiritual or moral sense.

Before the colonization of man and land, indigenous people were tapped into the energies of the earth and lived as minimal as possible taking only what they needed from the land and being sure to give back what they could. There was a symbiotic exchange that allow both humans and the Earth to thrive.

Fast forward to present day. While there are steel indigenous tribes that live in this way, they are few and far between.

The importance of us regenerating the way we live is now a matter of life and death. This isn’t to scare you; it’s here to inform you of what’s going on with our planet. As an advocate and caretaker of the earth; one thing I’ve learned is that often times, we (the BIPOC community) are left out of conversations concerning sustainability.

My mission is to help us all tap into our innate compass that serves as a more minimalistic approach to living. In my experience, regenerating one’s life is truly a beautiful spiritual act. These series of actions will call you tome more intentionally and live more mindfully. It will challenge us to release what has been deemed acceptable in the past and to make the choice to align and indulge in something greater than our toxic desires.

Over the next few weeks I’d like you to evaluate your current lifestyle. A great place to start is with their trash. No, I’m not telling you to dig through your trash but I am encouraging you to take note of what you’re throwing away. From the single use plastics and papers to the food you may be wasting; what can you cut down on and consume less of. From there you’ll have a better idea of where you can improve.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @sustainably__U. I will be sharing the different ways I cut down on waste and live a minimalistic life

.For some this may seem overwhelming, you have my word it’s much simpler than it seems. We are on this journey together! My intention for us is that we will build a stronger, more connected and environmentally conscious communities.

Oh and one last thing be sure to shop local and support your local farmers.

Talk soon!
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