DIY All Purpose Cleaner

DIY All Purpose Cleaner

By now, many of us know and understand just how toxic conventional cleaner can be. Not only can they be harmful if ingested; they also release toxic fumes that can reap havoc on both human and animal respiratory systems. While there are natural options out there, many of them contain ingredients that have not been tested to see how they will perform in a variety of environments. I won't even get into what these cleaners do to aquatic life and the environment but I encourage you to look it up and read a bit about it.
In my home we make as many of our own products as possible. This helps us save money while ensuring the products we use are going to contribute to us living a sustainable and toxin-free lifestyle.


What You Will Need:

  • 16oz Jar
  • Peels from 2 Oranges
  • White Vinegar
  • 30 Drops of Essential Oils - Optional (scent to your liking)

When using essential oils you want to keep in mind that they have their own unique properties and will enhance your cleaning solution. They will also help mask the vinegar scent.

  • Water- Distilled (Boiled) is best.
  • Spray Bottle

Step 1: After cleaning your storage container; place your orange peel into the container.

Step 2: Add your essential oils . You can add your oils now, after you cover the peels with vinegar, or after you allow your mixture to steep.

Step 3: Add your vinegar, fill until you reach the top of your container and add your top. You'll want to give everything a shake and place this in a cool dark space where it can steep for 2-3 weeks uninterrupted.

Step 4: Once you've allowed your mixture to steep, it's time to add it to your spray bottle and get cleaning. To start; you can do a 1:1 ratio to fill your spray bottle. The preference in my home is an 8water:1mixture ratio. If I am doing a deep cleaning or I am cleaning something that needs a bit of a kick I will add more of the vinegar to the mix.

As you grow in this journey, you will find a flow and ratio that works for your space! It's even safe enough to make with your children. There are a few types of surfaces you don't want to use vinegar on so make sure you do a bit of research before you begin.

Step 5: Tag us on IG @sustainably__U and show us your process; we would love to see it!!

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